IELTS Speaking Practice Course

IELTS Speaking Practice

Practise your IELTS Speaking skills and achieve your best score in 7 days

What can you do to achieve your maximum score in IELTS Speaking?

The best way to improve your score quickly is to practise in a smart way.

That is why I have created 7 IELTS Speaking practice tests that imitate exam conditions.

The structure of the practice tests replicates the structure of the IELTS Speaking exam as closely as it is possible without live communication. I will be asking you questions and you will be answering them within the allocated time.

By the end of the course, you will:

  • Feel more confident answering questions on typical exam topics,
  • Learn to manage your time effectively whilst in exam conditions,
  • Develop a winning strategy that will help you to achieve your best score in IELTS Speaking.

What's included?

9 Videos
9 PDFs

This course is included in the following pack:

IELTS Academic Pack (Writing + Speaking)

Asiya Miart
Asiya Miart
Education consultant

Your IELTS Speaking Partner

Hi there, I'm Asiya! Based in London, I help people from all over the world prepare for the IELTS exam and access higher education in the UK.

Eight years ago I lived in Kazakhstan and studying in the UK was my dream. Back then I managed to achieve 7.5 in the IELTS Academic exam at the first attempt and was accepted by the university of my choice.

Since then, I have completed my master's degree in London with distinction, worked at one of the UK’s largest banks, and co-founded Fastrack Education, the consultancy that helps others achieve their dreams.

Having dedicated the last two years to researching the IELTS exam, I have learned a great deal about how to tackle it best (and scored 8.5 myself). During this time, I have been honoured to teach over two thousand students via my online courses and I will be happy to see you on one of them too.


Does this course prepare for IELTS Academic or IELTS General Training?

Both. The Speaking section is the same in both the IELTS Academic and the IELTS General Training tests.

How long will it take to complete the course?

The course is composed of seven tests lasting 15 minutes in exam conditions. By studying just 15 minutes a day, you can complete the curriculum in one week. A total of 45 minutes of studies a day is recommended to achieve the best score.

How long will I have access to the course?

The course is yours for as long as you need it.

Once you join the course, your access will be activated for one year. If it expires before you have passed your exam, send us an email and we will be happy to extend it free of charge.

Will I find samples answers?

No. Learning answers of other people is not likely to help you pass your exam. This course will help you develop your speaking skills and prepare your own answers to a variety of questions. 

Who is this course for?

  • You are hard working and want to achieve your best score on the IELTS exam,
  • Your current level of English is at least B1.

What if I do not like the course?

This course comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you complete all the practice tests and don’t feel that it worked for you, send us an email within 14 days of purchase and we will promptly refund your course fee. (Please note that you must complete your practice tests).

Start improving your IELTS Speaking skills


What others have been saying about this course:

Mariia Kryltsova

Great opportunity to practice

I liked this course as it gave me the sense of a real exam. I could track my progress by becoming more confident during the practice. I understood that I have to generate some ideas which I will be talking about as well as create my own list of no...

Minnie Martinez

It was GREAT tool!!!

It really helps me to be more fluent in delivering my answers and as well as gathering some ideas to different types of questions. Before, whenever I encounter different questions, I always having hard time in gathering my thoughts and how to deli...

Sofiia Smahula

Excellent speaking practice

Dear Asiya, thank you very much for making this excellent and also affordable course. You are a very good tutor, your explanations are clear and useful. I have just started the course, but I've seen some of your videos on YouTube, so I am sure tha...

Sasha Maiko

Excellent course

Thank you Asiya for allowing me to preview the course. I have done 3 tests already and they were great. It feels like an exam because everything is timed. And I don’t need to press stop and play on the videos. It was difficult to answer some quest...

Lukas Weber

Fantastic practice course to prepare to IELTS speaking

Thank you very much Asiya. This is a big help for me to practice my speaking alone. I have done 4 videos yesterday and 2 today. I know I shouldn’t do that but I got carried away. It is getting easier now and I am very happy.

Deb Chakrabarty

Wothless course

No standard expected answer provided. Regreting to loose money.

Praveen Sharma

I have improved a lot about speaking from your course

Madam, let me tell you that you are an excellent teacher. I have improved a lot about speaking from your course. Your pronunciation is so good. It is easier to understand you than some British people

Karina Rand

Highly recommend

I would like to say my deepest gratitude to you. Thank you so much for your course. Those give me a lot of confidence in sitting on IELTS exam next week.

Najla Farancy


There is no module answers for the questions to get a general idea about how to answer. Most of websites would provide module answer for most of topic.

Katy Azzouz

Very useful course !

Many thanks for IELTS Speaking Practice Course! I really enjoyed it!

Bhusita Tank

This course has covered variety of topics

Hey there, It is really useful for those who are really good at English but if you provide standard answer of these questions then it will be more useful for those who needs practice. Best Regards, Bhussita



I now have an idea of how the speaking session will be . Thank you Asiya

Rahima Kadi

IELTS speaking practice review

It was very helpful

Let's practise your IELTS Speaking skills